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Sep.14,2011, our company's new product Urea pump adblue pump is on production line and welcome you request sample to test and discuss each detail of it.


We got the patent right of this pump's body design and working continuous keep pump body usual temperature about 20 centigrade, any time your hand touch it is ok.


The first sample has been test more than 18 months and keep the stable working proformance.


This product is very similar PIUSI company's adblue pump with same feature & performance, but higher flow & stable temperature.

■ Permanent magnet and continuous duty

■ Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops

 Pump when faucets is opened and closed

■ Self-priming so pump can be located above water tank

■ Runs dry for extended periods of time without damage

■ Hold excellent motor keep stable temperature of pump


Size:        11.3" L x 7" W x 6.7" H

             (288 x 178 x 171 mm)


■ Self priming:        More than 3 meters         

■ Port Size:           Hose tail connection 3/4"

■ Pressure max:        40PSI (2.8Bar)

■ Diaphragm Material:  Vition

■ Check Valve Made:   Vition    

■ Voltage:            12V,24V DC115V,220V,230VAC

■ POWER :           ON/OFF SWITCH

■ Body Material(DC):   Polypropylene

■ Body Material(AC):   Aluminium

■ Liquid of application:  Water, Oil, Urea, Adblue

More picture as below:



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