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The Hundred Regiments Campaign isa competition held by Alibaba company and Xiamen Foreign economic and tradecommission among the most reliable local suppliers. And YOUME has been luckily selected to attend thiscampaign.


Time for this competition:

16th Nov to 15thDec.




Purpose of this competition:

  1. Stimulate passion of the sales team;
  2. Challenge potential of the sales buys;
  3. Enhance team spirit.
  4. Encourage spirit of sharing.

What to compete:

Percentage of sales increase during the 30days from Nov.16th to Dec.15th. (compared to the average amount of the past 10 months of 2013.)




Sales team of each company.

So far 35 best suppliers in Xiamen have been selected to attend. These companies have been divided into 4 “armies” and each company is a “regiment”. Leaders are selected in each army to organize activities.





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